Big Data and Candidate Assessment

From a fairly lengthy recent article about big data and candidate assessment in the Guardian, it seems there is a lot of data mining happening in this area

  • Saberr – Inspired by online dating matching and has tools to help make sure the right people are in the right teams via just a 20 minute survey
  • Evolv – Claims to be able to “predict accurately on a given day which individuals are most likely to quit”
  • Knack – Uses video games to narrow down applicants by determining not “what you say you do, but what you do”

Knack has two games – Balloon brigade on iOS and Wasabi Waiter (the latter claiming to measure Social Intelligence, Conscientiousness and Task Efficiency, more here)

Knack et al may have their uses in trying to whittle down a large number of applicants in a short time to a set more manageable by people, but it would be more worrying if that was the sole selection metric.

I wonder…does the usage of something such as Knack tell the employer more about the candidate, or does its use inform the candidate more about their prospective employer?