Being Productive at… Being Productive

Back in  1st May 2013, Chris Bailey decided that having completed his Business degree he would turn down the jobs he had been offered and spend the next twelve months researching and experimenting with ways to improve productivity.

The more cynically minded might wonder about the maths around that: if person A and B embark on the same work, but person A spends 1 year working out how to be more productive, how much more productive will A need to become to ‘catch up’ with B in a reasonable timeframe? As it turns out, the answer in this case is moot; because improving productivity is now Mr Bailey’s career (i.e. person A made the right decision!):

Watch him at TED from March 2014, and review his top 10 findings from his year of productivity, but I guess bear in mind his point #8 “Always question blanket productivity advice” 🙂